7 easy steps to Confidence After Cancer ebook

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7 easy steps to Confidence After Cancer ebook

Following Cancer Treatment you may be expecting to feel triumphant, and victorious.

I didn't, I felt lost, anxious, depressed and completely lacking in confidence. I felt like I'd lost my identity and it took me a long time to rebuild my life.

It is now my priviledge to share everything I learned about how to rebuild your life after cancer treatment ends.

You are not alone. I'm here for you .

There are many definitions of what confidence means but in essence ‘Confidence is the ability to take appropriate and effective action in any situation, however challenging it appears to you or others.’ The good news is that confidence can be learnt if you are willing to make some changes.
In this book you will learn 7 simple steps to increase your confidence level. These steps are simple, but powerful, and when applied have helped many people to completely transform their lives.

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