Creating Confidence after Cancer

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Creating Confidence After Cancer (2)

Creating Confidence after Cancer

12 week coaching programe for anyone who has completed cancer treatment and is feeling lost, confused and empty. 

This is the course I wish I had when I completed treatment and didn't know how to move forward.  Let me show you everything I have learned about recovery. It took me years, but it can take you just 12 weeks to completely change your life.

When I got diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer my world was turned upside down. I got through treatment, chemotherapy, multiple surgeries, radiotherapy. At the end of all that I expected to feel triumphant, I had 'won the battle' with cancer. Except I felt lower than ever, all the support I had through treatment melted away.

Life when the cancer treatment ended and the Get Well cards came down was a shock.

I was alone. Lost. Afraid. Crippling anxiety.  Living in fear of the cancer coming back. Confused about nutrition and how to care for myself. My corporate career that I had worked so hard to build - I felt nothing for it, I reflected a lot on how I had been running on empty for years- and I  think it was stress that made me ill.

How could I move forward?

Well, I studied harder than I ever had before, nutritional healing, reiki, coaching and NLP, Feng Shui, breathwork, lots of different healing modalities. I saw so many doctors and therapists. When I understood that my biggest challenge was FEAR, I knew I had to start to heal by changing my mindset. I had to rebuild my confidence in myself. 

I am now a qualified Confidence Coach, NLP practitioner, with a wealth of knowledge and experience of nutritional healing and holistic therapies. 

How can I help you?

We will work together over 12 sessions, weekly is recommended, as you will have a small amount of homework and reflection between sessions. We will dig deep into what is holding you back from being the bright shining star you were born to be. I know she's in there, and we are going to discover her. 

I know you will feel empowered, certain, with clarity on how to implement your plan for thriving, not just surviving. 

If you want to make the second half your life - the best half of your life - I've got you. 

Let's get started!


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