Finding Yourself Again After Cancer

Understand how to live a long, happy and healthy life


I know how it feels when treatment ends and survivorship is just beginning


I get that you probably miss the woman that you used to 

be and you wonder where she's gone.

I used to feel the same.

I felt alone when treatment ended and that no one understood me.

I didn't get it - how could anyone else?

This time in my life was harder than cancer diagnosis and treatment

I was not expecting this!

I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired . I couldn't stop stressing over things.  I was constantly feeling anxious and fearful

I knew I needed a plan for rest of my life, but I had so much worry around medical appointments. 'Scanxiety' really started taking over my life


It's Time to go from THRIVER!


Imagine being able to:

  • Feel deeply happy and joyful every day

  • Have lots of energy and hope for the future

  • Know that you have support and your own individual plan to make the rest of your life the best of your life?

  • Be courageous and live the life YOU want to live
  • Set loving boundaries so that you stop others having power over you
  • Sleep well every night, and wake up refreshed and energy restored
  • Have encouragement from someone who has been where you are now, and who will show you easy ways to live well without giving up foods that you love
  • Have a coach cheering you on and supporting you every step of the way

 Introducing an online coaching experience designed to help you get out survival mode, and really start to enjoy your healthiest life ever. 

You are not the same person that stepped into that cancer diagnosis, you survived treatment, now it's time to really THRIVE

Gabrielle Mottershead

“Gabby has helped me unmeasurably. I hit a period of my life where I felt overwhelmed and generally lacking direction. Gabby has coached me to find clarity on my priorities, as well as helping me overcome high stress levels. Gabby makes me feel at ease, normal and inspired...She is wonder woman!”

Gabby Mottershead
Certified Confidence Coach

I am a 16 year cancer survivor from Manchester, England and I am the founder of Confidence After Cancer, coaching and supporting women after treatment ends. 

I was forced to examine the way that I was living following a diagnosis of Stage 3 Inflammatory Breast Cancer, rare and aggressive, in 2008 aged 44. 

This is the course I wish I had when I completed treatment, and expected to feel on top of the world.

I know what it's like to be saying to yourself

'the woman I used to be has gone - she is never coming back'

That's exactly how I felt

My cancer had gone - but so had my confidence, my energy and hope for the future. I didn't believe that I could have a successful career again - without getting stressed

I  had spent many years working long hours - 'too busy' to care for myself - and I didn't want to go back there

Brain fog - chemo fog - had left me confused and feeling helpless

Following chemotherapy, surgeries, radiotherapy and early menopause, I suffered with depression and lack of confidence. I was full of anxiety and also guilty for feeling so bad. I was angry at what cancer had robbed me of and I spent years working on my own personal development, studying nutrition, complimentary therapies, mindset and learning how to let my past make me better, not bitter

My coaching qualifications have given me a range of tools, techniques and strategies to overcome any challenges that illness has given you

I have designed this course in short sessions, as I know how it feels to be overwhelmed with information. Let me hold your hand and support you to achieve the sort of calm wellbeing that you didn’t know was possible

I transformed my life and I know that what I teach works, I can help you achieve your wellness goals - if you are ready to change

Are you ready? YOU need to do the work, but I have laid out the route to follow, and I'm here to hold your hand and cheer you on.

Nothing changes if nothing changes - let me show you how easy it can be to feel better

Gabby Aug 22 photo 4

Here's how it works

The core of "Confidence after Cancer" is our weekly online coaching sessions. Available 24/7, and are recorded so that you can access on phone, tablet or computer, at a time to suit you.

It doesn’t require special Apps.

Here's what's included

  1. Setting Goals and planning - Science based strategies for preventing recurrence
  2.  Nutrition Fundamentals – essential nutrients for cancer recovery
  3.  Stress – strategies and tools for reducing stress
  4.  Hormones and Metabolism – connection between hormones and weight 
  5.  Body Image post cancer
  6.  Food and Mood - break free from emotional eating
  7.  Sleep and Health - how to get a good night's sleep 
  8.  Movement and Active Living - even if you don't enjoy exercise
  9.  The importance of Self Care - and how to find time for you
  10.  Relationships that aid recovery and Social Wellness 
  11.  Happiness Health Connection - boost your joy 
  12.  Celebrate and Plan Your Next Chapter

Each week I'll guide you through a new module that dives into a different aspect of holistic health and wellness, no more than 20 minutes long, plus a workbook for each module that you can download or print. There will be  homework –again no more than 20 minutes a week.

You will be invited to join a private Facebook group to join a community of women also building a new life; my video posts and recordings of the live Q&As in that group will be available to anyone who is not on Facebook.

Email/ WhatsApp support is available from me (24 hours response)

We can work together on a personalised plan - just for you.

Confidence after Cancer Temporary image
12 weekly, online modules
A video lesson of no more than 20 minutes plus a work book to download and print if you prefer a paper copy to work with
Q&A 120x120
Live Q&A sessions with recordings
Q&A sessions with Gabby and other participants. In a private group you can freely ask any questions that relate to you
Lifetime Access  120x120
Lifetime Access
You will have lifetime access to all the materials, download, listen or watch whenever you want to
Gabrielle Mottershead
Paula Jones - Online Business Owner, Dog Lover, Coach and Mentor

“Gabby is an absolutely amazing Coach!
During our sessions she made me question what I wanted to achieve in my business and personal life, where I was going wrong and how I could plan and make the changes I needed to make to achieve the desired results.
Gabby made realise a lot about myself and how I sometimes stood in my own way when it came to implementing strategies within my business and through these coaching sessions I have learned when to recognise this trait in myself so I am more productive.
She is brilliant and I would highly recommend!”

Online Business Owner, Dog Lover, Coach and Mentor

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Bring your most vibrant, energetic & healthiest self to the world. By the end of this program, I promise that you will...

  • feel excited every day that you've finally achieved your health goals
  • achieve at peace and happier, the sort of calm wellbeing you hadn't even known was possible
  • feel calmer, happier, and more in tune with yourself 
  • know exactly how to eat, to easily maintain your dream weight (for the long-term) 
  • feel more vibrant than ever before 
  • have transformed your daily routines and rituals to support the best possible version of yourself 
  • know that you have made changes to help you prevent disease and extend your life

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If you are ready to save yourself the stress and frustration of doing it all alone. 

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Got Questions?

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask me:

Will this really work for me?

These tools work. Some tools will suit you better than others. If you watch the videos and apply the learning, things will change for you. If you make time to use them you will see the results for yourself. 

How long will it take to cover the content?

I've distilled the content into short sections.  Each module is no longer than 20 minutes. We cover a lot of information over the 12 weeks, but I never want to overwhelm you. The modular structure makes it easy to watch one section at a time.

Where can I watch the videos?

The videos are designed to work on any laptop, PC or mobile device. The videos are subtitled so you can watch without disturbing anyone else.

What if I'm not happy with my purchase?

I've described the content as honestly as I can. I use the strategies myself. I've researched and shared this with many clients who freely tell me how well it works for them. I believe many of these will work for you. If you have listened to the content, applied the strategies and you don't believe it's helping you, please do email me, I'd love to help you get the results you want.

Is there additional homework?

Yes, you will have a task to complete in your workbook that should take you no longer than 20 minutes. There may be some additional daily practices that you choose to do, but these will be short and sweet.


There's more...  

You get two amazing bonuses with this course...

  • A 1 hour personal 121 coaching session with me, to deep dive into your situation and how we can move from where you are now - to the joyful life you deserve. I'm here to cheer you on and support your transformation.  We can do this online at a time to suit you.June 22 4
    • VALUE £299

  • A private and supportive community of people who have been exactly where you are and understand how it feels. No doom and gloom here - we thrive by supporting and lifting each other up.
  • Live Q&A with Gabby once a month to get personal coaching - on any challenges that you have

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Gabrielle Mottershead

“Gabby is an amazing coach! She made me feel very comfortable and it felt like I was talking to a friend.
She is a very ardent listener. It re-iterated my beliefs in a helpful and inspirational way in myself.
I enjoyed being pleasantly met every single time with a smile 😊
Thank you, Gabby, for your knowledge, insight, and inspiration! ”

Accountant, Mother, Lover of Life

Gabrielle Mottershead

“I highly recommend Gabby. I found myself post cancer treatment and post pandemic with some other fairly large life changes in almost a state of trauma. I couldn’t figure out how to move forward personally and professionally. Gabby has spent time working on strategies to deal with past trauma and tools to help me set new goals and boundaries to move into the future. I have finally been able to sleep properly and have a much more positive outlook on the future for myself and my daughter. Gabby is extremely empathetic and very easy to open up to. Thank you Gabby for giving me back some optimism!”

Business Owner, Cancer Thriver, Mother