I help women to have a successful career without sacrificing their health after cancer 

How I became confident after cancer.

And how you can too

Hello Gorgeous!

I’m Gabrielle Mottershead, known as Gabby,  wellness coach, author & cancer thriver & I show people how to take back their health & power. Let me tell you my story

For many years I was a stressed out senior manager at work, wife and mother (my husband and sons got what little was left of my energy) I had no time to get sick, or to look after my own health

And then I got diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer and my world was turned upside down. I got through treatment, chemotherapy, multiple surgeries, radiotherapy. At the end of all that I expected to feel triumphant, I had 'won the battle' with cancer. Except I felt lower than ever, all the support I had through treatment melted away.

Life when the cancer treatment ended and the Get Well cards came down was a shock.

I was alone. Lost. Afraid. Crippling anxiety.  Living in fear of the cancer coming back. Confused about nutrition and how to care for myself. My corporate career that I had worked so hard to build - I felt nothing for it, I reflected a lot on how I had been running on empty for years- and I  think it was stress that made me ill.

How could I move forward?

Well, I studied harder than I ever had before, nutritional healing, reiki, coaching and NLP, Feng Shui, breathwork, lots of different healing modalities. I saw so many doctors and therapists. When I understood that my biggest challenge was FEAR, I knew I had to start to heal by changing my mindset. I had to rebuild my confidence in myself. 

This is what made me create Confidence After Cancer, now I am happy, healthy and fulfilled doing what I love, using my experience to help others. 

I help women to have a successful career without sacrificing their health after treatment ends. 

Are you ready to find yourself after cancer ?


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Confidence after Cancer - Online Course

This is my  programme for anyone who has completed cancer treatment.

If you are struggling to reclaim your energy, life, body - this is for you!  

This is an online wellness coaching experience designed to help to turn frustration and cancer fatigue into your healthiest life ever. It's flexible and you can complete at your own pace.

This is the course I wish I had when I completed treatment and didn't know how to move forward.  Let me show you everything I have learned about recovery. It took me years, but it can take you just 12 weeks to completely change your life.

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My Top 10 Tips for Life After Cancer

  1. Learn to ask for help
  2. Stop being a people pleaser (you are 'people' and you are allowed to please YOU)
  3. Learn the basics of nutrition - you really are what you eat
  4. Build routines and rituals for self care
  5. Find a community that will understand and support you
  6. If it doesn't feel good - stop doing it!
  7. Find your purpose in life - a beautiful reason to get out of bed in the morning
  8. Accept that life isn't always fair - bad things happen to good people, it's not fair - but we can choose how we respond
  9. Practice gratitude, focus on what you have, not what you don't have
  10. Tell anyone who tells you that 'Cancer is a gift' that they are not welcome at your next birthday party (you want good gifts!)

Read more about me and my journey on the "Meet Gabby" Page.