What's for dinner tonight?

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What's for dinner tonight? - That question used to drive me crazy - if my son or husband asked - in all innocence, I could feel my blood pressure and stress levels rising.

One of the most time consuming things can be deciding what to eat, espcially when you are following a healthy eating plan.

Thinking about food, planning meals, grocery shopping, preparing and cooking meals  - it all adds to 'mental overload' in a busy life - it's easy to become overwhelmed if you don't plan ahead.

One thing that has really helped me is this little planner - sitting down at the beginning of the week, planning my evening meals, and also knowing that I have healthy snacks at home, all helps me to stay on track.

When we're tired - or not organised - it's too easy to grab an unhealthy option - either from the freezer or takeaway. I've filled mine out - now it's easy to check the freezer and cupboard to see what ingredients I need on my next grocery shop.

The little list - when I complete it - will also make shopping so much easier - I won't be distracted by the offers and buy things I don't need - I know exactly what I need, so shopping is quicker and cheaper!

This little planner (from PaperChase) is my friend, but of course any note book will do. If you are tech savvy, you could do this in your smartphone - I'm a bit old school - I love a notebook - do you?


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