Video Tips for your Inspiration

Here are some videos that I think you might find useful from time to time

Be Good to Yourself - start every day well !

How I started one day to be good to myself, and I encourage you to do something good for yourself to start your day well too.

7 mistakes that cancer survivors are making - and how you can avoid them 

Menopause, and living a long happy and healthy life - with guest Niki Woods

In this episode of Confidence After Cancer podcast Gabby talks to Niki Woods.

What is the definition of ‘menopause’ and ‘peri-menopausal’ – what does that mean?

What are the common symptoms?

How many possible symptoms are there? 30? 40? 50? The answer may surprise you

If you have had breast cancer - is HRT safe?

Is early menopause, for instance brought on by cancer treatment, worse than a natural menopause?

More about being good to yourself.

What would your good friend say?

Be your own best friend.

Thinking and thanking

Your brain can't be stressed AND be thankful at the same time. 

You can choose to be thankful and watch your stress melt away

Saturday morning thoughts - grateful for my new sweatshirt - and wishing there was more kindness in the world. But realising I can't change other people, only myself, sending love and kindness to all who need it today.