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I hope that you can now see from my previous blog, how appreciating how connected we are to our homes can affect our mood and well-being. A home should nourish our senses and we can use our homes to create magic. By allowing energy to flow freely through our homes we can improve overall quality of life.

Again- it’s worth repeating, one of the most important guidelines I can share is to keep your home clear of clutter.

When thinking about you home, consider appealing to the five senses: Touch, sight, smell, sound, and taste. Think feel-good textiles, a deliciously scented candle, our favourite music playing, maybe even a white noise machine or a soothing bedtime playlist.

The bedroom

The bedroom is a great place to start with bringing feng shui into your home because this room is where we rest and replenish our energy. Feng shui adjustments in the bedroom can work quickly and effectively here because you spend so many hours here sleeping in your bed

Ideal bedrooms, to support you to get deep and restorative sleep, are free of anything other than a very large bed. For most of us that is not practical, but think about storage and how you use it. Try and remove any storage and clutter from underneath the bed, so that air and chi can circulate. When you get our of bed, open the windows wide if possible to allow fresh air to some into the room. A solid headboard is good feng shui to ensure you feel secure.  Try to have no electronics in the bedroom, I would not take any devices into my bedroom, to ensure a relaxing night’s sleep. The best mattresses have no metal springs, as these can interfere with your energy. The energy in a bedroom should be soothing and softening.

Making the bed every morning can kickstart an organized mindset, which helps reduce stress and increase motivation, it's a little slice of self-love. Also opening curtains and windows wide in the morning is a wonderful habit to acquire. This is called letting the outside in. It helps to refresh the energy by allowing natural light and fresh air to filter into your bedroom.


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