My #1 Effective Tool to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

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My #1 Effective Tool to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

I was talking with a coaching client yesterday, and she said something that I have heard so many times.

‘I don’t feel like I am worthy of love’

Wow – that phrase is something I could relate to all too well. As a survivor of abuse, and many challenges in my life, there have been times when I felt exactly like that. So how did I overcome this? Well, I tried many things over many years, but what was the most effective tool which helped me to stop blocking happiness?

A regular meditation practice!

Today I want to share with you the exact powerful sound meditation  I credit for helping me to finally see my limiting beliefs around love more clearly!

When I started to regularly use this Sound Meditation, I finally made the break though change I needed – which then helped me to break my bad patterns in love for good.

The Exact Meditation Tool I Used To Overcome My Limiting Beliefs

I used a special Sound Meditation – a mantra which also shares some NLP aspects – to unblock my limiting beliefs around love.

But this NLP Sound Meditation will also help you to unblock limiting beliefs in all areas of your life – career, money, family, friendship, love relationships, stress, health – you name it!

Why This NLP Meditation Tool Helps To Break Through Limiting Beliefs

First let me explain to you a bit about both “mantras” and “NLP.”

Quick Explanation Of Mantras

A mantra is a sacred utterance—either a word or a group of words with positive associations— that you say out loud – over and over – until you really feel it vibrate through your body and chakras.

This vibration that the mantra creates then helps to release stored and stiff energy within you – allowing new energy and new thoughts into your system.

Mantras are a powerful “Sound Meditation,” and that’s a research-backed opinion.

Studies show that repeating a single-word mantra, even without a spiritual context or other practices typical of meditation, had a definite calming effect.

A popular go-to mantra commonly recommended is the single spiritual syllable of “om.”  

But I found that there is an even more powerful mantra – the word “Calm” – repeated in the same way you’d chant om.

But because the word “calm” has a known meaning of “relaxation” – this mantra doubles up as a Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) tool.

Quick Explanation of NLP:

Neurolinguistic Programming is a therapy built on the belief that using positive and self-loving language can influence your subconscious mind.

How to Do This NLP Sound Meditation:

  1. Sit on a pillow on the floor in a comfortable cross legged position. (you can do this sitting on a chair if that is more comfortable for you)
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Repeat the word calm as you would chant the spiritual mantra of “ommmmm”—by pronouncing it as “caaaaaalmmmmm.”
  4. Repeat the “alm” part as if that A and M are three to four syllables long— and as if you’re saying “aummmmmmmmmm” – so you can more fully feel the vibration in your throat and chest.
  5. Be sure to hold each “alm” for about ten to fifteen seconds—and repeat for a minimum of two minutes. Caaauuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm. . . .
  6. You may feel distracting thoughts come into your mind, but that’s OK, just gently push them aside while you dedicate this short time to yourself. And breathe…..

Why This Sound Meditation is So Powerful

  • You get the NLP benefits from the positive word “calm”
  • Plus you cash in on the vibrational benefits of chanting “ommmmm.”

If you do this Sound Meditation regularly, in time you will break through whatever limiting beliefs are keeping you stuck – and you will gain new insights, boosted inspiration, and helpful intuitions. It sounds so simple, and it is. Try it for seven days at a regular time, just a few minutes, just for you. I hope this helps you, it really worked for me.

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