Happy Easter!

Happy Easter

 Happy Easter!

And may all your Easter eggs be 70% cacao.  There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that dark chocolate is good for you, and so you can munch away without even a scintilla of guilt.


Dark chocolate is especially good for regulating blood pressure and cholesterol, and it’s an antioxidant that’s rich in fibre, iron, magnesium, and copper.


Chocolate won’t be the only thing you’ll be eating over Easter that can give your health a boost.  To demonstrate the point, the Center for Food as Medicine has prepared a 335-page review of the health-giving qualities of food, and they back it up with around 2,500 references and citations.


There’s overwhelming evidence to show that food has a profound impact on our health for good and bad.  The report’s title says it all: ‘Food as Medicine: How Food and Diet Impacts the Treatment of Disease and Disease Management’ *


Food can counter disease and reverse it, just as the father of medicine had suggested more than 2,500 years ago.  But modern medicine has taken a different path and has abandoned food and nutrition for pharmaceuticals. Why? Well as with most things, follow the money, but I’m not here to talk about that.


Nor am I here to blame doctors, most of whom are ethical, caring professionals who want to save your life. However, the report points out that many of the medical schools in the US don’t require their students to take even basic nutrition courses “leading to a lack of confidence and knowledge” among doctors. This is also my experience in the UK.


And even the schools that are absolute sticklers for nutritional training usually provide no more than nine hours’ tuition in a three-year study course.


People can’t turn to their doctor for nutritional advice, but nor can they rely on the major advisory groups.  In the US, the American Dietary Guidelines has for a long time been influenced by Big Food, which, as a result, has been silent on the impact on health of fast and processed foods and drinks.  Even the importance of proper food has been subsumed into the general ‘balanced diet’ edict, which is meaningless to everyone and yet which is constantly cited by the entire medical community.


The more enlightened spout the ‘five-a-day’ golden rule, which is almost as meaningless and which, even if it was understood, is woefully inadequate to sustain good health.

The long and short of it is that medicine has been hijacked by money, from Big Pharma and Big Food.  What’s the remedy?  I believe we all have to take responsibility for our own health and remember that doctors should be our servants not our masters. I am incredibly grateful for the medical team that looked after me through my cancer treatment, I was scared and facing a cancer diagnosis, I followed their advice to the letter, they were the experts and I was a novice in the world of cancer treatment. But I also began to look at ‘alternative’ treatments to support my chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. I am not here to give medical advice. But I fervently believe we can all do well to look after ourselves, and prevention is always better than cure. A healthy diet, plenty of fresh air, exercise, quality sleep and water will always set you up for good health. Nurture your mind, body and spirit as they all work together to support you. Use medicine when you need to, and in emergencies, but otherwise be your own doctor, using natural remedies and nutrition.  

And a good place to start is with that dark Easter chocolate egg.

Happy Easter Stay safe and stay sane.


*Thanks to WDDTY for sharing this report.

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