Putting Yourself First Is Not Selfish

Note to self

As women, we are taught, often subconsciously, that nice girls are not ‘selfish’ and ‘take care of others first’.

That’s sometimes appropriate, but as a reformed people pleaser, I know that not being able to set clear boundaries with others can cause you so much pain. Sometimes we need to be ‘selfish’ and put ourselves first. 

When you exercise your boundaries and learn to say no, you have more free time to devote to what is important to you, your health, your passions and priorities. And yes you are important!

Boundaries give you a healthier and happier mind and a higher energy level, because you’re no longer fixated on the thought that people have taken advantage of you. When you feel resentful, you obsessively think about the other person’s mean behaviour toward you. This type of thought pattern, if left unchecked, can lead to depression, anxiety, addictions, relationship issues, loneliness, fearfulness, and other toxic results.

Consider the types of boundaries that are important:

Physical - how you protect your body, what you eat & drink, when you sleep & exercise, your comfort level for touch

Emotional - how you protect what you’re comfortable sharing emotionally - with who - and when!

Intellectual - how you protect your thoughts, beliefs, ideas, dreams, and goals.

Time -how you protect and prioritize your time...showing that you recognize what your time is worth to you.

Money and Material Boundaries - how you protect your money and the things you own.


Note to self

Thanks for reading, Stay safe, stay sane!

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