Is having great hair a silly vanity? Or more than that?

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I had an interesting day today, I went to a hair loss clinic, my hair has never grown back properly since chemotherapy, it's grown back, but so fine and sparse.

And so I recounted to the consultant today everything that I have tried over the years, nothing really worked. And as always I got emotional when telling him how I felt, and how my oncologist had sent me to a psychiatrist when I cried in his office. My anguish was so painful, I may have felt like I was going crazy, I wasn't, I just wanted my hair back.

And for me my hair - or lack of - is a constant reminder that I used to be a cancer patient. I don't feel ill, I am very lucky to have been NED (No Evidence of Disease) from Inflammatory Breast Cancer since 2008.

And I know I am getting older, and that is a privilege denied to many. I am grateful for my life, I really am. I just want thick hair too. And to enjoy going to the hairdressers like I used to, today it's more like a chore as I am never really happy with the result.

And so after the examination, the only hope they could offer me was a hair transplant. Expensive, 7 hours of an operation, and months of recovery before you see a difference. Do I want it? You bet I do!

I need to sleep on this, reflect if it really is worth all the time, trouble and money. Is it a silly vanity? Or an empowering move to get some control back over my appearance? I can't decide

I'll keep you posted on how I get on.

I know this is very much a 'third world problem' as I ponder this, there are people with deep and real problems, What do you think?

I'll leave the last word - and a little wig humour from the fabulous Dolly Parton.


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