Post traumatic Growth – Is it Possible?

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In this week’s blog post I’m reflecting on a conversation I had with the fabulous Karin Del Maestro. Like me she is a coach who supports people when cancer treatment ends.

We had so much in common, not just a breast cancer diagnosis, but we both used our time when treatment was over to reflect on how we had been living.

No judgement, no regrets, just accepting and understanding the mistakes that we had made, and curiosity about how we had gone from feeling like we were in control of our busy lives, to realising that some of our habits were not serving us well. We were staring our own mortality in the face, and we had to change. It literally became a matter of life and death for us to wake up and realise we had the power to take charge of our health and happiness.  

We are both reformed people pleasers, who were sick and tired of the hamster wheel of life we had found ourselves on. Through a lot of work, and study, and talking, and connecting with people who are experts in various fields of wellness and nutrition – we are both enjoying Post Traumatic Growth.

It’s not always been easy, and our paths have taken many twists and turns, some lessons have been hard to learn, especially about other people.

But what we both know now is that change is possible, it can be beautiful and can help you create a life that was even better than before, and sharing what we have learned is the reason that we survived. I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast, full of hope. And we all need that

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Thanks for reading  - stay safe - stay sane!

Love from Gabby x


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